Movie industry pushes back new releases

Jayden Clarke, Staff Reporter

 As a result of COVID-19, the entertainment industry has made some adjustments. Movie theaters have closed down all over the nation, and very few have open their doors back up. 

   Movie streaming services have become more abundant. People have used these alternate sources of entertainment when trying to catch new releases that may have been pushed back. 

   Push backs, such as the Avatar sequel, Wonder Woman 1989, and Marvel’s Black Widow are going to come out now in 2021 when it was supposed to come out this year.  

   In relation to push backs, many movies like Mulan and Antebellum are now streaming on Disney Plus and Netflix.  

   Additionally movie theatres are renting out to people the whole theater for 20 or more people. “I miss walking down the hall and seeing all of the new movies that came out, and the smell of popcorn,”Junior student Parker Cox said. Cox does not like the fact that some theaters are still closed because “it’s not the same going to the movies since you have to social distance and wear a mask.“ 

   Sophomore Lynnsey Blue wants to see the new Wonder Woman movie. “I’m happy that they are doing the movie streaming now because I don’t have to get out of my bed,” Blue said. “ I miss the popcorn and all of the other fun snacks they’ve got, “ Blue said.  

   Further people are missing what they used to do as in going  to the movies with a group of their friends, and with it not being the same they’ve had to adjust to the new change. Even though most theaters are not open, people are still happy about the movie streaming.