Dance team performs on sidelines


Dance team performs on the sidelines of a basketball game, but they also began dancing on the sides of football games earlier this year.

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   The sidelines at the Rebel Football games have been filled ever since the dance team has started attending the games. 

   Former Football coach Matt Coldwell asked dance coach Stephanie Long to move to the sidelines towards the end of last year. They also moved to help prepare the squad for what college dance would look like.

   Long has enjoyed doing more games and incorporating football into the places they can dance.         

   “We have received only positive feedback and people have loved a full side line,” Long said.

   According to Long, the lack of pep rallies has been a bummer and a little upsetting for the squad, but they are loving dancing at the football games.

   They have adjusted very well to the heat and dancing outdoors. Also dancing on the sidelines to the band is completely different than their usual routine, according to Long and Senior Captains Macy Thornton and Ashlyn Caskie.

   Senior Macy Thornton, Captain,  has enjoyed dancing on the sidelines, but it is very different because of the heat and how the music is energetic and upbeat.

   Tryouts for the dance team will be held in late January early February, they will need a new team manager. Once basketball starts in November the dance team will dance at all home games