Boys Basketball prepares for uncertain season


Basketball player passes the ball to his teammate.

Carlie Bennett, Online Editor

   The boys basketball team is working hard to prepare for an uncertain season up ahead with a new coach.

   After the retirement of long time head coach Ron Renfroe, former Lady Rebel basketball coach Terry Bradley stepped over to the boys team.

   As Bradley navigates coaching a new team he notices a few differences between the girls and the boys as he works to prepare his team for their first game.

   “The biggest difference is girls try to do it perfect boys are cocky and you have to stay on top of the girls,” Bradley said.

   With the global pandemic underway the team had many struggles with practice. According to Coach Bradley, tryouts were pushed back until August so when the season finally began the boys could not touch the ball for most of the summer in an effort to slow the spread of the virus, putting the team behind.

   “We have been running, lifting weights, and practicing our shooting trying to get prepared for the game.” Bradley said. 

   As Bradley continues coaching his team, senior Andrew Rufful has been working hard  to make it to the playoffs despite the obstacles the pandemic has put in his way.

   “With COVID it’s hard to practice defense,” Rufful said.  “We want to stay after school but we can’t because of COVID.” 

   Fellow teammate, senior Malik Knight has also been adjusting to a new coach this season. “It’s more comfortable and fun with Bradley. It’s like he’s one of us, but we always know who the coach is.”

   The first game of the season was scheduled for Nov. 3 but ended up getting canceled because of Hurricane Zeta leaving the first game to be played on Nov.10. Unfortunately, the Rebels were unsuccessful in there came against Stone County with a final score of 53 to 65.

Boys Basketball defeated the Greene County Wildcats on November 17 with a score of 64-43.

   The Rebels will be back at home on Nov. 23 against the Vancleave Bulldogs.