Students begin scheduling for next year

Sage Dean, Staff Reporter

   With the spread of COVID-19 much of the school year has been dictated by protocols and restrictions that have been implemented to keep students and faculty safe. 

   Scheduling classes for the 2021-2022 school year has brought about questions as to how to handle these procedures. 

   The guidance counselors have decided to utilize technology in order to ensure that social distancing guidelines will be followed while schedules are made. 

Students met for advisory on January 28 and used Google Meets to communicate with their counselors. 

   “This will allow students to view their grade-level powerpoints and ask questions about scheduling,” said guidance counselor Jera Havard. 

   Counselor’s will still be available to help answer questions. 

   “Just email us and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can,” said Debbie West-Terry.

   One of the biggest questions brought up with scheduling amidst the pandemic, is whether the students will be able to receive all the necessary credits. According to counselors, COVID-19 will not affect a student’s ability to obtain the required number of credits.

   “Students will still have to have the required credits to graduate. This is state mandated so the pandemic will not affect it,” 12th -grade counselor Debbie West-Terry said.

  Class selection forms are due February 2. Remember students, you will need to have your parent’s signature on the form, and you will need to turn them in to your first block teacher.