Rebel Soccer teams off to great start


Lady Rebel sprints with the ball down the field.

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

   Both Rebel soccer teams are off to a great start. The Lady Rebels are now 2-0-1 and the Rebels are 3-0 for the season.

  Although the soccer teams are doing well, several players have now acknowledged what they need to work on in order  to improve  as a team.

   Most of the players think that the team needs to have more communication skills and to play faster in the game.

    “We have done good considering that we have lost a lot of our senior players [last year].” Senior Breanna Stansberry said. 

     Senior Cruz Beech says that he and his team work well with each other. Stansberry says that the team’s strength is defending, but their weakness is keeping position. 

Just like every other sport, COVID dictates much of what the teams can and cannot do. 

   Senior Kaylee Anders thinks that their coaches are being really smart about following the COVID guidelines so if one person does get the virus then it will not affect the entire team.

  “Our idea right now is to limit the number of passengers on the bus rather, on bus trips” soccer coach Brittain Dean said.

   Dean also says that they are going to require the girls to wear masks while traveling to and from games.

   Senior Angle Diaz says to prepare for the season he trains everyday and goes against some of the best players on the team.

   “With the COVID guidelines we have been using a system that utilizes strength so when we do have people that miss practices and weeks at a time that it doesn’t hurt the whole team”  Soccer coach Tyler Williams said.

   The Rebel Soccer teams traveled to Greene County last night and the results were not available for this broadcast. The Rebels are scheduled to host their first home game against Biloxi on Dec. 1.