Biden takes on role of president

Grace L. Morgan, Staff Reporter

   On Wednesday Jan. 20, 2021, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will become the first female and African-American VP in the United States of America. 

   The November third election ended in a dramatic flash. As the new president, Joe Biden won by 290 electoral votes and 79,374,942 popular votes. However, President Donald Trump has yet to concede the race and continues to fight legally to disprove the election numbers. 

   Although Biden is the election victor, many states including Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona have participated in vote recounts that Trump has initiated.

   Senior Haley Dunnam opinionates that Harris could potentially be a good candidate along with being helpful just as much as the next person. 

   “Women are coming out and being known as equals instead of just lessers,” Dunnam said.  

    Originating from a biblical family, Dunnam has grown about individuals who believe men play the total role in leadership. However, she states she feels the opposite by believing that women should have a part in leadership as well.

   Having Biden as the new president has made many students become partially relieved including senior Andrew Beach. 

   “ There’s issues with both parties, but we pulled through and now it’s just about being patient to see what will actually happen,” Beach said.

   He claims that with Biden as president, the country will be in better hands. 

  “ I feel like we have an obligation to do better and voting for Joe Biden is doing better.” Beach said.

   By giving the current president (Donald J. Trump) a chance, Beach believes that for some people this turned out pretty decent, but things didn’t really change much. He additionally states that Trump has somewhat embarrassed us as a country.

  In addition, many issues including voter fraud have aroused suspicion in the 2021 election. On the other hand, Beach thinks that voting fraud isn’t an issue. 

   “ I looked in advance and the FBI and election officials gave a statement that for voting by mail there’s an incredibly low chance of voter fraud but it’s still there,” Beach said. 

   Furthermore, he feels that even though he doesn’t personally like the president, it’s good for him that he’s still attempting to file lawsuits against states for voting fraud. As a result, Beach believes it forces people to stay on their A-game instead of being complacent with the voting system and trusting it without reason.

   Beach is also confident that one of the major problems and conflicts in the election is the party system. 

   “I feel like if you took out the Green Party, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party people would be more together,” Beach said. “There’s no bipartisanship so there will be conflict.”

   In contrast, sophomore Beautyful Humphrey claims she is disappointed because they are having to recount ballots and because she believes that the president elect cheated the system. 

   Humphrey claims that although ballots are expected to be counted accurately, there was a higher number of votes counted in Michigan than registered voters. 

   Moreover, she does not support Biden because he plans to try to take arms from the people and raise taxes. 

   “Out of 47 years in politics, he has not done a single thing that has benefited our country,” Humphrey said. 

   In accordance with Biden’s plans to mandate masks, Humphrey believes he will use this mandate to take guns away from the American people. For example, she claims some states will stop citizens from concealing a gun while wearing a mask. 

   In addition to the recounting in past republican states, Humphrey feels that once every vote is hand counted the states that were once republican will return back to republican.

   “I believe Trump will go back into office and continue to keep us out of debt, continue to keep black rights and continue to keep gay rights,” Humphrey said.